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***About October 17, 2009

This blogshop is created to spread the joy of owning cute plushies at affordable prices. I started my plushies collection few years ago buying soft adorables plushies for charity that are signed by famous artistes Sing Chew and Tan Wei Lian. 2 of the adorable signed plushies I owned are now regarded as guardians of this blogshop. As they cannot be bought elsewhere, I do not plan to sell them as they are part of my growing collection. =P

Few years down the road, I recently started catching plushies and therefore added some really cute ones to my collection. Basically, the designs of plushies from arcades are quite different from the stores. As the designs i like are adorable, i believe many people who do not frequent arcades will like to own them. In accordance to the catching costs and amount of focus effort, i therefore decided to sell small plushies generally in sets or pairs at one of the cheapest rate in singapore!!! Upon purchasing first set of small plushies from this blogshop, U will set to gain even more as lifetime member. So y hesitate? Hurry now and spread the joy to ur loved ones…N also, Hope the plushies u buy from me can bring u more luck!!! Huat Ar!!!

"Tattoo" on the backside of bear?Signatures on the back of bear


2 Responses to “***About”

  1. Hello , please link us. Once you had linked us, please tell us by tagging on our tagboard,and we’ll link you:D thanks!

  2. precish86 Says:

    Feel free to browse through this blogshop. Prices are already adjusted to the lowest in singapore! If there are any lower prices, do tell me where can it be found lower n i will be more than willing to match the price!!! =)

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